Friday, 26 March 2010

A Change In The Air...

Today I woke up to something completely unexpected - cool air! The sky is overcast, and a sublime breeze emphasises the significant drop in air temperature. The sun being absent, I can finally see everything without squinting, and the livable-ness of Kanchanaburi has increased.

I decided to bypass Bangkok on the way south, and so, many hours of uncomfortable 2nd class "fan" buses later (I say "fan" because a lot of the time the driver decided not to turn them on), I arrived at the very tourist-friendly K.

I intended to see the sights today, but have found myself in my fancy clothes again since I only got my laundry back this morning. Guess that means I'll have to wait until tomorrow to view the Bridge, the Museum and the Cemetery.

I am feeling more determined than ever to move to Sweden, somehow... Check this out! I have already written about my appreciation for the nation on Postmodern Critic so I won't go into it again, except to say I could really get used to the women in parliament almost matching the men, and same-sex marriage! Maybe I should try getting married to a Swedish woman... hmmm. ;o) Okay, only if I actually fall in love with one.

I'm listening to Paparazzi again, and yesterday I read that Lady Gaga's videos have acquired 1 billion views - she is leading the way in the music video world in terms of influence. I wish I had more people to talk to about her... maybe I should join in on the discussion I linked to a few posts ago, but I always feel rushed for time on public computers, even though I'm not.

Today my mission is to try the fish and chips in this town, and, more importantly, get a good dose of chocolate, something that has been missing from my diet for over a week. (There is a limited collection in 7-Elevens along this street.)

I'd also like to draw you attention to Iceland's most current innovation in the field of social relations and gender equality: Guardian Article

Will Iceland set a global trend? Will we as a species evolve out of seedy dives? Strip clubs have long been associated with underworld types and shady transactions - can we excise them from our culture? How long will it take to do in Australia or the US what has just been done in Iceland?

You know, just when I give up hope on our species, something so amazing happens to change the game, made even more delightful by its sheer unexpectedness... then I start expecting these innovations to come from all over the place... for a long time, nothing... I begin to give up hope.... and then the process repeats itself.

Alone and (I suppose) vulnerable, I am hesitant to let my down, or even smile at my monitor. A smile is something I train on somebody I am purchasing goods or services from, just a social code. Sometimes when I go back to my room, I can't hold it in anymore: I smile until my lips crack! :o)

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