Sunday, 14 March 2010

Grimy Rainbows and all things Bangkok

I've been in Bangkok for two full days now, and am enjoying the friendliness of the folks (the ones that don't try to overcharge me through the roof, of which there are many)... I look forward to heading North, where I can go to such places as Lampang, Lamphun, Pai and Phayao. Not to mention Mae Hong Son and Kaempang Phet - places you're probably never heard of unless you are a seasoned devotee of Thailand.

I think 2010 is the Year Of Letting Things Go, and it is my hope that I also pick up many wonderful new things as a result, but I'm determined to let some things that have been unfairly clogging up my system make their way out of it, never to return. Just baggage, I guess. I would like new and improved baggage, lol.

Did you know that there is a Japanese conceptual artist who took an octopus out of the water, placed it in a clear container and took it for a ride around Tokyo? He wanted to give the creature a gift, to show it a place it had never seen before. He asks questions like: Will the octopus communicate the things he's seen to his underwater friends? Would he like to go again? The same artist shaved off one of his eyebrows while traveling around Europe. He said he got plenty of strange looks, but the friends he made made up for it. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name.

There was a competition for designing the new Parliament House which was displayed in the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center as well, and I was amazed at how postmodern most of the designs were... combining modern innovations with classical Thai motifs to mingle both the ancient and contemporary. The space was made even more pleasant by the artworks of a 3 year old girl called Holly Maitland Smith who is remarkably talented and exhibits a wonderful way with colour - bold yet pleasant contrasts.

I'm near Khao San Road (or Thanon) and I saw a T-shirt that said 'Beer is cheaper than Gas - Drink, Don't Drive' today...

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