Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Gritty Kind of Elegance

It's been a long two days... I decided to make my way back to Bangkok and maybe stay there for a while to check out the Danish owners of the New Road Guesthouse, leaving Kanchanaburi with no regrets. It so happened that the bus dropped me off at the bus terminal that services journeys to the south, and I leapt at the opportunity to take an overnight long-distance coach trip. Where to? I had been thinking about Ko Phan Ngan a lot, so naturally what came out of my mouth was 'Phuket'... two hours later I was sitting in a lovely double decker bus next to a disgruntled lady with a harsh cough.

My bus journey was nothing short of revelationary... I feel at my most free when I'm traveling between places, so the soul-searching reached levels that still threaten my most boring senses of self. If only I could sleep, and emerge into the next day with a fresh perspective. I have a habit of making each day's experiences dispensible, being afraid to add them all up and see what I have become at the end of it all.

I think this all started with Brad...

The Portuguese pale pink facade opposite the streets is lit up to a luscious salmon colour, two Chinese lanterns hanging above the door. The two windows are shaped lke books above. They, and the doors, are brown. I can't stop letting my gaze meander thataway - guess that's the advantage of this very open reception area...

Phuket Town reminds me of Capri with its beautiful, pale European architecture. A gentle floral flourish here and there, complementary colours, a street full of bright and breezy shopfronts. It rained earlier today, rain streaking the greys which trickle onto the exapnse of the buildings, showing the age of the architecture and the materials of which it was made. It's a gritty kind of elegance.


  1. I think that regardless of whether we try to dispense with some (most/all??) of our experiences, the relentlessly refuse to be dispensed with and will always make some kind of contribution to who we are, even if we remain unaware of that contribution

  2. Yes, and the more you try not to deal with something, the more it controls you.

    Phuket kind of blew away a significant pile of my worries... that is, I was able to dig deep and find a deeper sense of peace. I'd like to continue soul-searching now that I'm home, and go even deeper, as I continue on my journey - wherever that is and however long I stay. I love being a constantly changing creature! :o)