Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lounging in Banglamphu

I have never been a big fan of Bangkok. Maybe because I haven't much bothered to merge with the traffic so as to come out of it somewhere immensely rewarding. But, as far as Thai acclimatisation experiences go, it's serving just fine. All of the things I love about Thailand are here, and I already have eight destinations on my list in the north of Thailand alone, after carefully exploring my Lonely Planet.

I am once again fascinated by the Thai predisposition towards eclecticism. I wonder again and again why the clutter in the public places I visit is so charmingly arranged (and so colourful). There are objects of various origins hanging off ceilings in restaurants, and even my hotel, Bhiman Inn, sports a proliferation of styles.

My new blog reminds me of my once-upon-a-time LiveJournal account... it recalls a period in my life when I was battling some transitions and welcoming others at a pace that didn't match their coming about. I was obsessed with mash-ups, Santorini and Bollywood, to name a few.

Q: Is invention the mother of neccessity? (Sprung from 'neccessity is the mother of all invention.')

Q: To what extent does a dependence on the construct of logic block innovative thought waves? Does society progress as much *despite* logic as *because* of it? Actually, what has logic ever done for me? Why is it deemed necessary?

I remember going to Hong Kong and winding up tied to a Christian-run hostel in a ruralish place with four Danes and a motley cast of backpackers going in and out of China to talk to. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - but then again, I could apply this phrase to any part of my life, couldn't I? :o)

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