Friday, 19 March 2010

Thai Tile Work & Holiday Anxiety :o)

Where to go? What to do?

Should I make the most of having found a wonderful guesthouse here in Kamphaeng Phet and relax to the max? If so, should I spend all my time on the internet writing, or reading (I have a book on critical queer theory I'm keen to wave my glance around, but there's a ton of new music and media by Robyn - check this out - and Lady Gaga to marinate in on the web...). Should I feel guilty while the other guests are getting up and out and disocvering the sights of the city? Since I do want to do some sight-seeing, how do I fit in around my relaxation?

When will I know when it's time to leave this town and go onto another (or should I go back to Bangkok?)? Can I afford a flight down south? Or do I even want to go South anyway, when there's Ko Chang (east of Bkk)? Should I do KC first, or at all?

Once I am south, how long... ah, but that is to project a new anxiety into times that might preclude its possibility.

I'm feeling great, however I am a little worried about my weight - I am not good at regulating my diet, so eating out finds me opting for taste sensations over healthy concotions. I hope that this trip doesn't lead to much weight gain!

Walking around KP, I am noticing a pattern in Thai cities: Ceramic tiles are a very popular practical floor accessory. They are often generously patterned, and there is often more than one pattern through into the mix. Then, some tiles are flung out into the concrete sidewalk just for effect, drawing attention to the shops they are in front of. Even more interestingly, tiles are often broken apart and the pieces are used to make a deconstruction of a mosaic - an alluring, colourful, shiny artwork. This creativity is commonplace.

It seems Thai people have found ways to elevate clutter to an art form in other ways too. almost every square inch of Three J Guest House, along with most public sites, is decorated with something which often has no direct complementary value to the other decorations. There are some recurring themes (elephants, tigers, birds, flowers, flora), but it's a very eclectic setting.

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