Thursday, 4 March 2010

Welcome to Postmodern Epiphanie

Welcome my dears, :o)

After spending three and a half years making the most of my Orble domain,, I have decided that it's time for a change.

A less cluttered look, less obtrusive ads, more sleekness and more postmodernism!

The title 'Postmodern Critic' often made long for a site called Postmodern Lover, because I associate thinking and feeling, critical evaluation with enjoyment... I have kept 'postmodern' because I think it's a word that clues the reader in to my interests a lot, but by putting my name instead of 'critic' I am making this blog more personal.

I hope to continue with the diary-style musings, philosophical posts, poetry and whatever else I feel like.

Another motive for my relocation is the lack of ease with which my readers can respond to my posts. I heard from two Facebook friends who weren't able to leave comments, and the final one was the last straw. It also didn't help that having all the Orble links detracted from the atmosphere I tried to create on my blog...

It will take a little getting used to for all of us, I'm sure, but I'm confident that this move is for the best.

Please enjoy your Postmodern Epiphanie! :oD

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