Friday, 30 April 2010

Eye On The Lower Case

I have been online for 15 years now, and in that time I have been fascinated by the evolution of online communication. I often see my friends, acquaintances or random people on the net skip the shift button before entering the pronoun I, and have often wondered why.

Is it because writing all in smaller case provides some kind of freedom? Is it progressive to knock down the differentiation between capitalised and non-capitalised words, and have the reader rely on context to create their own system of significance?


Is it that a failure to accentuate I is the product of low self-esteem? Is the writer, in relation to the rest of the words she or he is writing, failing to recognise their full worth?

I have noticed that people are more likely to write "i" when they have made an error, or aren't feeling confident through what they are writing, so I think the second option is the one which is more frequently relevant.

I know a fair deal about handwriting analysis, and how people use their keyboards is also fascinating... writing all in caps seems to imply a lack of self-confidence as well (it's the equivalent of people speaking very loudly for no reason). More than one space in between words on a regular basis seems to imply a jittery keyboard user. Using more than three dots on an ellipses could be over-embellishment...

What are your insights into typing styles?

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