Thursday, 8 April 2010


Today I meandered down Yaowarat Rd for 'the best noodles in Phuket', and faced the unexpected delight of finding the gallery with the elusive opening hours with doors wide open... it seems that the watercolour turquoises and shimmering greens of Ko Phi Phi island had morphed into lush backdrops where swirls of yellow, pink, orange and purple could arc gracefully over the canvas. The artist told me that these images were a representation of heaven, with the blue and green representing sky and earth. Of course, it's possible to read it as pure abstraction, or semi-abstraction. I just admire the beautiful blends of warm colour as they leap off and complement the vibrant cools...

I am getting to know a lot of the residents of Thalang Rd, and every day I have the opportunity to peek into a new home which has opened its doors and windows, unwittingly (or perhaps purposefully) inviting the outside world to stand to attention and marvel at the maintenance involved in keeping such historic homes.

The curvy windows remind me of capsicums or a fruit in outline... at night, luminous lanterns cast red-toned light on the first/ground storeys of the street, a light source illuminating mostly down and barely up.

A diversity of nuances.

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