Friday, 14 May 2010

Another Outlet Of Writerly Expression

Dear, esteemed reader,

Remember my idea of starting my very own travel blog? Well, here is Eccentric Travels. I am most proud of my creation, and hope you will also enjoy reading, as it touches upon many different themes, utlising many different approaches. You know me, I like variety as much as depth of insight! :o)

You know, I have such a relatively sweet life... the main threats in my life are being consumed by academia or the work force; meanwhile, I find myself in the position to travel quite often. I live in well-kept surroundings with some creature comforts, keep my spending low but nevertheless live well.

Society has both given me and tries to prevent me from accessing my potential.
I am simultaneously encouraged to be at my best and systematically harassed out of my well-being.
I'm one of the lucky ones.
My complaints are not seen as 'real problems' - better to disdain than feel threatened by something, the philosophy of my critics.

I'm lonely, but that, too, is a privilege... The darkness that haunts my soul won't be on any politician's priority list for many centuries... I try to keep things in perspective. :o)

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