Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dancing On My Own by Robyn

I think the above version will be the version that is released on the radio, but there is another version as well (embedded below for your aural diversity needs). I'm impressed with Robyn's new offerings, even though I've only heard 3 of the songs from Body Talk, her new album. Her revamped webpage is quite postmodern, allowing you to move around the various windows into aspects of her public persona. You can even upload video of yourself listening to her music, and become part of a giant postmodern videoclip - driven by the listener. :o)

I love this song because I can relate to a pining for someone to notice me... inevitably what comes out of this unsatisfied longing is that I realise that, no matter how much I want someone else to become part of what I'm doing, or how much I want to become part of what he or she is doing, I need to renew my enthusiasm for what I'm doing, and why I need to stay alone, to enjoy everything out of life that I so deliberately want to enjoy.

Plus, Robyn is my favourite voice (of all time) in the music industry. Kylie Minogue's is second.

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