Sunday, 6 June 2010

I Don't Identify With Insulting Terms

... but it seems a lot of my favourite writers do. Even Rob Brezsny, who I've seen as the epitome of self-help, used the term 'freak' in a recent horoscope. I had to stop reading Jeanette Winterson's Written On The Body because of her use of the c word. Pico Iyer also refers to other travelers as 'freaks' in his Video Night in Kathmandu. I am appalled at these people. I can't imagine what benefits they think come with using pejoratives.

Dear reader, I hope you remember that you are beautiful, and just caught unaware at the vehemence of others' lack of consideration. Even though it may seem sometimes that everyone is out to hurt you, you are not alone. I support your love of other. And even if you sometimes use those terms yourself, I know you really mean well, and don't use them when you're at your best.

Adore yourself more than you think is possible! :o)


  1. Hi, Epiphanie -- It's Rob Brezsny here. I've always used the term "freak" with love and affection, since I've always considered myself a freak. In my world, "freak" is someone who exuberantly lives outside the boring codes and creates his or her own miraculous life.

  2. Hi Rob -- I know everyone uses language differently, but I think the word 'freak' tends to carry negative connotations to most people, which is not the case with other close lingual relatives, such as unconventional, nonconformist, unique, iconoclast and rebel.

    You may not feel negative about freak, and that's okay, but to me I'll always associate it with people trying to make me feel somehow inadequate about my eccentricity -- an eccentricity I have purposely created for myself, and which I wouldn't change for the world. Sometimes I feel like it's everybody else that's eccentric, and I'm the only 'centric' one, if that makes sense! :o)

    Lots of love to your audaciously wonderful self! :oD

    By the way, can I ask you if have an Eastern European heritage? I'd also love to know the sign of your ascendant (mine's Libra - my sun is in Scorpio and my moon is in Aquarius [not surprisingly ;o) ]). Thank you for stopping by and reading some of my work, it makes me brim with joy! :o)