Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Relief... and Gaiety

It all seems to be sorted out, and, as if to make up for the unpleasantness, my dad has offered me the opportunity to see Salzburg as well... which sounds great. I'm thinking of seeing Hungary instead though - it looks really pretty (is the main reason for my preference.

Hey, have you noticed something curious about the language people are using to 'naturalise'/'validate' homosexuality? People claim that sexual orientation is fixed, innate, that people are 'born gay' and have no choice in the matter. This group takes umbrage over the claim that people 'choose' to be homosexual, which, to be fair, is a theory often peddled by fearful religious folks. However when I say I 'choose' to be bisexual, it's an acknowledgment of my conscious identification of the way I operate sexual and romantic desire to suit my rhetorical needs. Being 'gay' is just a pose, just like 'straight' is a construction. The word 'straight' has a very short history in the context of sexual identity. The word 'gay' is a tool for political change, visible non-heteronormative culture and empowerment. It represents the speaker's verbal agenda, not an objective quality.

I haven't visited Oxford St recently because I've been feeling unappreciated there - a person who is both female and identifies as bisexual is not the ideal addition to a loose assembly of a perpetually harassed seeking escapism, mirror images in the other and hopefully the opportunity to score. Having said that, it's nice when a nice, intelligent man takes the time out from his gay night out to chat to the curious eccentric.

So when Eddie and Meghan of Gaga Stigmata suggest that Lady Gaga feels rejected by her gay friends no matter how hard she tries to fit in in her video for 'Alejandro', it strikes a chord, or half a dozen.

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