Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Update on My Travel Schedule!

Hello my dears,

Today my father and I decided to stay in Europe until the 10th of August (we depart on the 19th of June). We will be spending most of that time in Bulgaria, with 3-4 nights in Vienna! I feel like the luckiest human being on the face of the planet: not only have I already scheduled to see Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm - four cities with major presence, and the latter three with powerful innovators residing within, but I will also get to see the 'most livable city in the world', according to the latest polls.

Not only that, my dad is going to take me around Bulgaria, including Plovdiv (dubbed 'the Paris of the Balkans' by Lonely Planet), Koprishtista (or something) and maybe some beach-side towns... as I've already mentioned, I am hankering to reconnect with this somewhat formative culture. I enjoy certain freedoms in Bulgaria, and yes, it may sound odd to seek solace in this disgruntled and economically struggling nation, with all the attendant lack of openmindedness, but there's something soothing about going back there.

I am breaking out into a wide grin... my trip has just been made a little bit fuller and more promising... it's almost ideal (oh for an extra few days in Seoul on the way back).

Lady Gaga recently won a GLAAD award for her advancement of gay rights through her performances of fame, and I feel she's very deserving. I am feeling even happier to be attracted to both women and men lately, and taking a more conscious interest in my homosexual attractions as well.

Are you in touch with what appeals to you most deeply?

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