Sunday, 11 July 2010

Veering Out Of Careening

So I started taking antibiotics for whatever ailments the symptoms of a chesty, phlegmy cough, running nose and a decreased ability to concentrate represent, and things are clearing up... now if only the nosebleeds would disappear altogether. Perhaps this is the worldøs revenge for taking time out of a dream escape to take a dream holiday... all the same, I wish it had been a little been more perfect.

And yet perfect it is... The Danes have the condition of being both progressive and pretty, direct and good-humoured. The charm of being prominent yet small, tangential yet central, historic yet contemporary.

I have promptly fallen in love with the place, and donøt intend to forget this fact. Tall poppy syndrome is supplemented by national pride to rival that of Australiaøs, proximity to other nations, the ability to speak at least two languages.

Near-pure air, neat and cute arrangements of nature and architecture...

Robyn was a revelation... I witnessed a woman with a strong and resilient sense of self... especially when she sang while making eye contact with me. I was determined to get her to do just that, and succeeded. Pitch-perfect, soulful, funky, inspired. A revolution.

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