Friday, 24 September 2010

Overwhelmed by Information

I turn on my laptop
Tune into the flow
Of electronic information
So many streams I follow
I know not how to extricate
From this neverending gush
Of bits and phonemes and pixels
Till I know I've had too much

A few weeks ago I unfollowed a whole bunch of people on Twitter, and the information seems much more manageable now. I have more time to read links provided by Richard Florida, and really take them in, just one of the ways in which I feel I can better concentrate.

Of course, I still have more information coming in than I can deal with when I have The Big Three - Gmail, Facebook and Twitter - open, but... to tell the truth, I kind of like it. I'm never bored because there's always something interesting to look at; I'm always on, always inspired, the world is constantly full of endearing connection-making, ablaze with activism or blissfully sedate, pumping its progressive fist or dreamily recounting lessons learnt.

4 new Tweets since I started writing this... nothing clickable, funny or mind-blowing.

I am getting back in the business of blowing my own mind.
I'd like to discuss the barriers I put up whilst hanging out with Rune with him, but I don't know how.
I realise that I have an issue with the way I look. I feel sufficiently out of the mainstream in terms of body mass. I never really acknowledged this before. Sometimes the emotions it arouses in me are difficult to deal with, just because I'm somewhat in denial, still.

I remember being so enchanted by G-Force for MusicMatch Jukebox when it became available... it greatly fueled my creativity and even made it into my screenplay concept (for the credits). It would be cool if a film were shot realistically, but then a layer of a G-Force-like animation was juxtaposed on top of it, which coloured the film in alternate colour combos and used certain shapes (circles and lines) to emanate from or play with/around.

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