Monday, 25 October 2010

Elusive Girl

Not even remotely standoffish
Is how you’d like to have me
Not even remotely touched
Is how I often aim to be

Shock yourself in relation to me
Unblock the assailant, the peaceful vagabond who
Shies away from certainty
Knowing it’s what you thirst for

I’ll always disappear, ever nomadic
I’ll never linger more than I can help it

Wilts and wonders claim my soul
I shudder in and out of self-control
I flounder and flourish in my founding role
The one you demand I take up again
 No matter how outdated it feels
You evince antipathy for the player who reels
Back from the preliminary notion
That cemented fluidity in my mind
To you and your colleagues I’m an idiosyncratic find
But I’m just trying to leave them,
And you,

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