Sunday, 12 December 2010

Travel Fantasies

What are your travel fantasies? You know, the trips you daydream about the most, that might feel a little out of reach for now? Here are some of mine:

a) Reykjavik, Iceland in summer

Is Iceland's capital the most eccentric city in the world?

b) A 45 day tour of Japan (in any season but winter)

One of the few English-speaking countries around where I can speak a little of the language, Japan promises charm, sophistication, poise and spiritual vibes.

c) Buenos Aires to Mexico City

I want to take public transport from Argentina to Mexico, only flying over the Darian gap.

d) Coasting Along in North America

Starting with San Diego, I'd like to wander up to Vancouver, then fly over to Montreal, do Toronto and then East Coast northern USA. (I'm not as keen on Virginia to Florida.)

e) Taiwan & China

Beginning with a comprehensive tour of China, I will then explore as much of the mysterious mainland as I possible can

Common travel fantasies I don't see the point of:

a) India
b) The African Continent
c) The Middle East (not including Israel)
d) The Pacific Islands
e) Much of the Caribbean Islands

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