Saturday, 8 January 2011

Meet me in Sydney (The Eternal Traveler Touches Base)

Scoop me up and deposit me
Somewhere left of the Tasman Sea
Pry me from the terrain of other nations
Deliver me from my anxiety

Do I carry the soil of other nations on my shoes?
No, but I carry the soul of a incurable traveler
And the auras of other countries cling to me still
Try to wrest them from me, if you will
This most futile of endeavours
Trying to provide a home
To the eternal traveler

There's little for it but to feel the punch
Of the soul who wishes to reset my cultural compass
Please have mercy; I'm a little out of touch
Only so much hostility I can stomach

Yet I'm inclined to believe
I've been missing elements of your singular entity
Willing to find the good intent,
Push past the initial emnity

Possibly poised to exalt you

So cherish me, Australia
Welcome me in full regalia
Of love, acceptance, tolerance and trust
Be a community I can fleetingly commit to
Ever transient, at long last

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