Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Breathing Fire Will Burn Your Mouth

Rushing, to find a spot where I can laze
Securing silence, by means of hyperactive conversation
As natural as possible after strategic manipulation
Thinking in boxes so I can savour my imagination

Appeasing errant logics, so that I may dream
It’s been a while since I’ve been free to roam
This mind-numbing mask of congeniality I don
You think that I stand erect as a source of strength
But I long to droop, so I can feel, and vent
Perpetually biting back the bitterness
Has made me into a ticking time bomb
Appearing carefree, roiling on the inside
But now I realise I didn’t need to hold back
Realise you’re somehow capable of understanding
A little more than previously suspected
And I no longer have to intoxicate myself
Til I’m profoundly distended

I would thank you, but I'm still confused
Still too many options from which to choose...

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