Friday, 18 February 2011

You're sailing out, so determined

I'm musing over how those sails hold up against the wind
Because I can't bear to question your motivation
Upon my peace of mind that would impede

You're alive and you're free, so you say; others nudge you along
But I sense something sinister in the cheerless advent of your song
Wind in your grinning face, I must break my accustomed gaze
It pains me to see you retreat to such soul-killing ways

Little thought can be devoted
To the dreams you leave behind
The melody you once tended to,
Burnished, refined and so loved

It's the makings of a mystery for many
How they got so out of touch with their dreams
I remain your slightly dejected guide
Always dragging my feet wearily by your side
Painstakingly postponing inevitable tears
But for how much longer can I keep hope alive?

I want to help you, but I don't know how
You would scorn such a notion, furrow your brow
Lift up your upper lip in steady attack
A stream of verbal vengeance, it's so out of whack

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