Saturday, 26 March 2011

Into Inequality

Pretty girl.
How far can we hurl
Her away from the position
Of authority that we wield?

My most cherished brother,
We must group together
So women don’t get closer
To us or each other
Than they currently remain
We couldn't possibly handle
Facing our vulnerabilities
We'll rule out that option
Again and again

Our intimacy coloured
By our brilliant insecurities
Dulled sense of idealism
Cruelly neglecting our inner pain
The most question-raising entities
Are the ones we'll have erased
From the spectrum, the scope and the range

Something somewhere went wrong
And we'll spend a lifetime pretending
That we're sufficiently moved by the inherited song
Too busy to innovate because we're hung up on ending

So much for your hopes of reintegrating
Your dislocated poignant refrain
Within your body of fragments
When the worst thing one can call another
Is the space between a woman's legs

Take a break
Travel far
You're not entitled 
To such baggage
Can't you see
You crave an equal

Gender inequality is a state we tend recreate
Find a better place within yourself
Then you can light the way for everyone else

The Poetic Process

The first line
Kind of sets the bar
We'll see what we can bring to it
By now I've realised I've
Made the wrong start
And too discouraged to go on,
I say: to Hell with it!

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