Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Revolutionary's Anger

In the Mathews Building of UNSW I spotted a poster for some kind of Marxist group. In a few boldly rendered colours stood out a woman with her mouth opened as if in yelling protest, and a fist raised high. It seemed to me that the Australian left-wing scene was a repositary for angry young people with a high degree of intelligence and little practical experience with inevitable corruption, concealment and devastation wrought by Communist governments over four continents.

It's all about the anger.

Now, anger is a constant presence if you're a radical thinker of any kind. You witness the majority resort to things that make you shudder on a regular basis, and over time, the resentment becomes intense. University provides an environment where the anger of the intelligentsia is encouraged to build, and as such plays an important part in keeping all sorts of idealism alive.

Because infuriated Marxists are much more inspiring than those pleasantly plodding along, ticking off items on The To-Do List of Life every couple of years as they buy houses, secure promotions and have children.

I, too, am angry... and I think getting in touch with my aggression may be just what I need.

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