Friday, 8 April 2011

The Eccentric's Muse

I suppose I'll have to choose one of you
You say you've been attuned to the rest of the world?
But how can you do that and retain your inner peace?
Your marketability distills in me unease

I've been saluted with an absent-minded smirk
I've seen them disapprove of my spectacle of quirks
If I'm to take on duties which require another
Could that other tolerate the way I work?

They say that happiness is aided by employment
They say too much free time feeds anxiety
I let you misconstrue what I might have meant
While I dream up ways to flee your piety

I linger in the spaces inbetween
Where the de-centralised world's unable to cast
Its obtrusive, accusing, unnerving
Inescapable surveillance

And the thing that hurts the most
Is the distant memory of all I've lost
And the knowledge that I no long aspire
To even desire
That most people take me higher
Than I know how to go

Elongate the vowels and stutter on the consonants
The proponents of travel I gather close to me
Seek to find a radically different solution
To finding myself stuck the best way I can

Here, have a piece of me, again
I'm awake and I'm ready to regenerate
You're incapable of tracing my development
So I'll have to do it myself

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