Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Less Lucrative Side of Asia

Teenage boys give me high-fives
in Tokyo, in Lopburi a man tells me
I'm beautiful, in Shanghai a cyclist falls
off his bike as he twists his head my way

At first I feel proud for being admired...
It's only when I befriend a few Africans
That I realise my biggest fans are mired...
In a continent-wide inferiority complex

These friends already accustomed
To barely concealed shades of hostility
Drifting in with each new interaction
I admire their designs on equanimity
Give them my time, let them give theirs to me
Together we make a tense yet powerful team

I grow out of the addiction to superficial adoration
I learn to identify 'positive racial discrimination'
I begin to question the motives for Thai smiles
I place this under the 'uncontrollable rage' files


  1. BusyCorner is dedicated to the notion of deconstructing post contact images and stereotypes of Pacific Islanders. To free people from the notion that the guilt of Christian original sin somehow is relevant. That Polynesians were, in fact, never ejected from the garden. Conversely so!

  2. Hi BusyCorner, I don't really relate to the Christian metanarrative, but I wish you good luck with what sounds like a worthwhile project.