Thursday, 28 April 2011

When Push Comes To Caress

Dodging lions and zebras as they
Hurtled down my path,
A spectacle inspiring fear and excitement
As this was taking place I fell in
With a girl of black hair and thick brows
Who wordlessly welcomed me near
Her olive skin was warm and she smiled at my touch
She fingered a slim, silver necklace and we made as if
She were from Lhasa, China...
I couldn't believe my luck;
She had the knowing look of someone
Who believes in herself, deep down
Allowing good things to happen to her
I'm yet to articulate [my] perfection>>

Last night, I tried to see how deeply I could breathe... I gave my scalp a thorough massage... I let the breath guide me, instead of guiding the breath, however I had deepened the breath as an instinctive measure. I wake up this morning with a deep appreciation for my achievements, and an understanding that I should dodge the temptation of pride and realise my inner strength.

I find it really helps to record my voice and play it back again... I notice things about my intonation and emphasis which help me reshape my thoughts for the better. Most computers come with software on which you can do this... if not, download a program like Goldwave for free, and discover the joys of playing around with the voice.

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