Saturday, 4 June 2011

Perpetual Transformation

In an interview with Stephen Fry to promote her album, Lady Gaga brought attention to a new (perhaps more interesting) dimension of the 'Born This Way' concept than had popularly been consumed (biological determinism, validating non-heterosexual identity):

"[...] the album is about rebirth in every sense. It's about being reborn again and again until you find the identity inside yourself that defines you best for who you are and that makes you most feel like a champion of life."

Even if you want to stay exactly the way you are in the present in the next ten minutes, it's impossible: Human beings are a process, not a product - ever reinventing themselves, change is the very thing that defines us. Everything from your hair and nails constantly growing to your body adjusting to the climate, your diet, the soap you use, the effect of different fabrics produced on your skin - we fuse tension and ease, conflict and harmony, expressions of the raw mingle with the refined, we make a hullaballoo in our heads and intersperse it with silence (coming up with a new recipe for inner motivation). Life is as simple or chaotic as I want it to be - frequently I am on overload because that seems desirable.


I've been wondering whether to watch the Swedish movie 'Let the right one in' - reviews of it have been almost unanimously glowing, but my fertile imagination tends to latch onto the horrific and lets it affect me. Even reading reviews of the film spooked me! I don't want the fear inside me to grow. On the other hand, I love vampire movies. Out of all the imaginary devilish creatures I've so far encountered, the vampire seems the most interesting. Perhaps because there is an element of seduction involved. Well then, I should avoid this movie, because the vampire in question is supposed to be about 12 years old. Then again, there seems to be a tentative exploration of pre-teen sexuality as the point. Maybe I should just prepare for an injection of quality horror and appreciate whatever is masterful about it. Hmmm...

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