Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pre-travel Questions

In 10 days I'll be on a flight to Bangkok... here are some of the questions floating through my head:

Is it better to linger in the city for 5 days, or catch a bus out of town for a few days so as to see someplace new (like the Thai tourist magnet, Cha-am)?

I have seven days in Belgium, and 4 possible places to see. How to divide my time?
Option a) 3 days Brussels, 2 days Bruges, 2 days Ghent OR Antwerp
Option b) 2 days Brussels, 2 days Bruges, 2 days Antwerp, 1 day Ghent

I have 5 days in Switzerland - do I have enough time to hop over to Geneva from Zurich, or should I concentrate on seeing some of the natural beauty closer by?

I have 5 days in Hong Kong - do I stay on Lantau island the entire time, or transfer to Hong Kong Island/Kowloon and see parts of the place I haven't seen before, or escape to Macau?

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