Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Two Asides

1. If anyone sent me an email, it may have gone to my spam folder and I may have deleted it... very sorry if so; I usually look through what's in my junk mail folder before clearing it out, but I'm so used to there being nothing of importance that it was only for a split-second after clicking 'delete' that I noticed something which looked like an enquiry. If it was from you, please try again and I'm sure you'll have better luck! ;o)

2. One of my acquaintances expressed concern that my poem 'The Less Lucrative Side Of Asia' was racist. Rereading again, I can see how it may seem to generalise all Asians as having an inferiority complex, but it wasn't meant to be a generalisation: just an observation of a popular trend. I have had close relationships with Asian people (romantically and as close friends) throughout the years and I would like to base myself in at least one Asian location at some point - it's all because Asian people are some of the most empathetic, intelligent, cultured and balanced people I have met. It makes me sad to see racism in Asia targeted at both light-skinned and dark-skinned people, and while the period of time I was evoking in the poem was a time of shock and seeking distance from that kind of mentality, I have since managed to integrate this aspect of Asian life into my experience. That is to say, I have learned to separate myself from the frequently occurring racism while still enjoy the things about the cultures I admire. I do think it's important that I talk about racism in Asia because it's very much taken for granted by way too many people, and it's only because I care about places like China, Thailand, Japan, and many others, that I discuss it. If you have any questions let me know. (The same goes for any post on this site, or anything else I have written on the web.)

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