Friday, 8 July 2011

Barcelona, all of a sudden!

Life is wonderfully bizarre, is it not? One day you´re wondering what sort of culinary delights will reveal themselves if only you poke around a bit further up the neigbourhood than you´re used to (Midsommarkransen, Stockholm), and two days later you´re taking an impromptu whirwind tour of Barcelona, waving your camera from the top of a double decker bus at the playful and/or illustrious buildings that tickle your imagination.

The persistent, only ever tentatively lifted quiet of Stockholm has been exploded; now I am inundated with loud sounds... but I´m not complaining. It´s a beautiful thing to change your surroundings. I am now beter abl to appreciate Sweden for what is was/is, while sampling a entirely new cultural palate... and (only slightly) longing for Chiang Mai.

What do Sweden and Spain have in common? They both have legalised same-sex marriage, and have a higher than usual amount of women in parliament.

My next destination is Figueres, the hometown of Salvador Dali, where a huge museum dedicated to him awaits... I seriously LOVE Dali; it is my ambition to see all of his art available in the world, one day. Meanwhile, I´m having a day of pure, unadulterated laziness in Hotel Barceló, which is close to the ocean...

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