Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gay, Gay, Gay

I've decided that I'm going to be available for romantic relationships to women only for the foreseeable future. It's a very practical decision: I am sick of always starting out on unequal footing with the opposite sex. I'm sick of fighting against millenia worth of conditioning with all the enthusiasm I can muster, only to find that I'm still inevitably discriminated against - and unfavourably - because I identify as female. I deserve more than that.

Women are better lovers anyway. ;o)


  1. Hi Epiphanie,

    I find that post despicable and offensive! It is suggesting that a person can choose their sexuality. That they can suddenly choose to be gay or straight or bisexual. I find your post to be setting back gay rights for 50 years or so, where the powers that be still thought of it as a 'choice'. One's sexuality is not a choice! The only choice of the matter being to choose to live the life that matches, as closely as possible, to the way you feel inside.

    Are you a lesbian? Are you bisexual? Truly? Or are you just wanting to be as 'outside' as possible for the sake of it?

    I honestly find your post highly offensive! I know your intentions are to be subversive and pro-gay, but really the logic that you've enshrined in your post is very anti-gay, as it implies that one chooses to be gay. "Oh I think I'm going to start liking men now." And, ceretis paribus, who would choose to be gay, a minority over being part of the majority.

    "Oh I think I'm going to be straight now..." If only it was that easy, as your post so nonchantly indicates.

  2. Hi there,

    My stance at the moment is that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both choices. Nuns and monks go through life never having any romantic or sexual relationships, so there's nothing 'natural' about human sexual behaviour. (I don't believe in science.)

    My point was that if I want to be treated as an equal, I am much more likely to find that in a relationship with a woman. I've already had one gay relationship (just not recently, so it's kind of liberating for me to make such a decision).

    As for who would want to be part of the minority, well Greenday has a song called 'Minority' which is all about that... For me, I don't see why anyone would choose to be part of the majority! :o)