Wednesday, 19 November 2014


How long will I have to dull the pain?
It would be such a luxury to feel it all
They've whisked away the fevered strain
I want to just unravel

Somehow it doesn't serve the world
To be artificially whole
I can't condone this sterile violence
Medication handed out like candy

It's a legal high
Not only lauded but imposed
I can't strip myself down to the bare minimum
Without examining the consequences
And, although in my secret thoughts, they're exposed -
The technicians who glorify my numbness -
I have to pay lip service to their odes
Agree I'm making progress
An encouraging recovery

When all I want to do
Is be in charge
Of my own headspace
Is that too much to ask?
We live in barbaric times
In the future they will laugh
at our pathetic notions of 'Human Rights'

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