Monday, 19 June 2017

Pulling back (poetry)

I've softened
Looking for the keys
To the room of contemplation

The special space for igniting enquiry
It's to be waded into at all cost
And enjoyed

I've missed the kaleidoscopic clutter
Swirling about my soul
The way I mould it into the finest figure

Dramatic news must be embraced
As earthly as the world's rotation
Balance is an ever-shifting concept

Can't always be
The personification of calm
There are windows to erase

When pre-arranged vistas won't fit
The compulsion to explore
It's time to explode old frameworks

You'll find me pulling back
It's not a role I cherish
In recent times it's been restricting

But I've found a way 
In which pulling back works
In the way I alienate the hysteria

Find me impulsive in new and welcome ways
I'll chase the fireworks until they make good haste
Again restore equanimity to my days

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