Monday, 3 July 2017

In search of solace (poetry)

Where will I go? 

In this bluster of a solution
I'm aching for the urge to cower
Back down from my mission statements
Go forth without a decree

Permit myself to breathe

It's going to be fine
We're going to go far
Whether we're on 
This continent or that

I've got people powering my journey


Searching for a site to interrogate
Searching for the recognition
That could make it all worth it
Searching, trying to accept the tragedy
Only so much remedy
To go around

Accept dissatisfaction
As a near-constant state
I cannot be stateless
There will be a rule of law

Interesting how I fear disintegration
My own personal slavery
Where I am the owner of my own captivity
Traumatised by glocal misogyny

I sought relief from the harshness
I sought perspective and space to build my dreams
I still seek this so-called indulgence
But less frequently share said dreams

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