Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wonderful Quote!

Martin Goldstein says:

The beginning of foolish wisdom is the understanding of our clever ignorance.

I say:

Oscar Wilde would be proud! :o))

You say:


Thursday, 1 September 2011

5 Short Quotes

"If you like where you are, keep moving. It was your desire to change your location that pushed you into an edgy comfort zone of sorts, and now it's time to leave that behind." - Epiphanie Bloom

'Change' is not the counterpoint to 'staying the same'. Staying the same is wishful thinking. We live in a world without repetition. Nothing recurs, except in our imaginations. - Epiphanie Bloom

The impassioned pursuit of certainty is the height of futility - Epiphanie Bloom

Embrace contradictions, and their counterpoints - Epiphanie Bloom

It's the thought process that created the product you perceive as finished that really interests me, not the product itself. It's the thoughts you've been denying, suppressing, distorting, underappreciating - your process of personal change. - Epiphanie Bloom