Thursday, 26 January 2017

[Short Poem]

You ask me what you can do -
Just listen. Listen until I
Muster up
The courage to speak
- I self-censor -
I've got the fear in me
And I crave connection
But I'm still working out the fine print
Of what my presence means

Monday, 16 January 2017

What is it I feel?

Getting in touch with my feelings can be difficult sometimes.
As I lower my medication, I'm moving towards taking care of my health psychologically.
And that means respecting every emotional state I experience.

I want to tell you to trust yourself
You don't have to swim with the tide
Climb out of the water
Take a seat by my side
(If you listen to yourself
You will be alright)

Shattered dreams and hollow goals
Searching for understanding
But it's only within me
Once again I follow
When I crave to lead
Scared to withstand criticism
Win some self-reprieve

You hasten to compliment me
And perhaps you're right
But the possibilities
They do terrify

Perhaps there is a place
Within me
Where I can process these onslaughts
Name the abuses

But my mind keeps longing
For an external solution
Meanwhile distracting itself with
Futile confusion

I don't mind confusion
If it's of a constructive ilk
It can often lead to happy places
If consumed by so much faith

Friday, 13 January 2017

The only way forward

I see people in different shades of distress
I wonder how I can be kinder
More compassionate under duress
Socially I falter

Wondering how to boost you
Without sacrificing myself
I'm fascinated with personal growth
The one you don't want for yourself

But you were always craving
Different ways to grow
Divorced from yourself
Somehow I know

Finding the courage to believe
In the frailest parts of my vision
The ones most in need
Of nourishment despite my division

Friday, 6 January 2017

Strive to be

Be ambitious
So you can accumulate power
Work on your glower
Measure yourself by your status

I don't understand anymore
Why people care about placements
When emotional health
Is all that matters

Find me a reason
To keep up with the bustle
When the bustle itself
Is making me sick?