Monday, 15 October 2012

Admirable Australians

This is a tribute to wonderful Australians who have inspired me in a multitude of ways over the years. 

Let's hear it for...

Germaine Greer - one of the world's most renowned feminists

Michael White - the creator of narrative therapy, a poststructuralist counselling practice

Julia Gillard - the first female Prime Minister of Australia, who recently made headlines around the world for speaking out against the sexist and misogynistic attacks typical of the leader of the Opposition

Cordelia Fine - a pioneering neurologist who claims that women and men aren't hardwired to be different, but that social conditioning accounts for their differences

Darren Hayes - formerly the more melodious half of Savage Garden, Darren came out as gay after their split and has stayed on the music scene. This is a guy who dares to expose the darker side of his experience, defying the homophobic criticism songs like this will inevitably attract in this day and age

The Veronicas - at the cutting edge of pop, the twin sisters have continued to fuse innovative music, provocative lyrics and delicious vocals over the years

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