Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thinking Green

Iceland is known for a natural beauty as stark as it is unusual, and as verdant as it is treeless. It´s part of its unique calling card, yet I have an idea for the nation: what if all 319,000 of you planted a tree? It might seem like I want Iceland to be just like everywhere else, but I see a vision of the world in which Iceland becomes one of its most powerful ´lungs´, purifying the air from a position no one else could. Every little bit helps, Iceland! Spread your butterfly wings and prepare to take the world by storm! ;D

Norway is known for indulging its sense of nostalgia these days, with much ado made over the burning of firewood. The sad thing is that burning those Norwegian woods has a deleterious effect on the environment´s natural ability to fight pollutants. It seems we need to sacrifice some of those unhelpful traditions in order to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing climate. Every stick of firewood that is left as a tree helps, my dear Norwegians.

The entire world needs a timely reminder that switching from petrol to electric cars would make a profound difference in reducing carbon emissions. Let´s not wait until the weather threatens to get totally out of control; let´s act in constructive ways now! Let your enthusiasm for the world around you shine.

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