Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Why are so many same-sex attracted women accountants?

I recently attended a gathering of same-sex attracted girls and women in Sydney and was surprised to learn that, out of the nine or ten of us in the group, one was an accountant and another was contemplating a career in this line of work. It took me back to my reacquaintance with my old girlfriend, who had given up working as a counselor and is now 'analysing futures' and who now has an accountant girlfriend. It also reminded me of how even in Paris, the lesbians we chatted up in a gay bar were accountants.
Perhaps it's not surprising that women, who are usually paid less than men, and no longer want to be dependent on anybody, let alone families who are selectively approving of their sexual orientations, are looking to one of the most stable of jobs out there.
I'm just hope that this traditionally not so entertaining job doesn't interfere with the girls' creative development...
Or is there something appealing about the straight-forwardness of accountancy that same-sex attracted women are drawn to? Since I've never wanted to become one, I have no idea... thoughts?

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