Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Unwind my mind

Cause I want to discover
A new type of fluency
Something I can't pin down at any time

Something that can only sound
When I open up my mind

I don't want to be understood
Or understand, either
I want to flit back and forth
Appropriate the other

Languishing, full of expectation

Time for the ego to disperse

Why does he have to bristle
Why can't the sailing be smooth
Why is he tucked out of reach

I feel imprisoned by my youth

I never knew what I was searching for
But knew the search was all I ever needed
So many visions of equality I've found
That previously eluded me

And now that I find myself
Unable to turn back
My allegiance is to the young at heart
And I've ended repetitively, so I can start

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