Friday, 23 March 2012

A sound and space of one's own

When I listen to 'Dancing on my Own', 'Love Kills' and 'Time Machine' by Robyn, I'm fascinated by the way the lyrics and the music work with and against each other. I could say "the euphoric dance music serves to block or distort, or soften the punch of the sad lyrics" or perhaps "the repetitive rhythms offset the melancholy melodies" or allude to "a dialogue which ranges from the conspiratorial to the schizophrenic"... Did Robyn wonder how to reconcile the dejected narratives she was drawn to and the optimistic, wholesome aspect of her music orientation, and eventually decided to play them off against each other?


Did you know that the word vagina originates from the Latin word for 'sheath, scabbard'? Germaine Greer offers an alternative word, and with it, a potentially empowering perspective.

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