Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Keeping the faith

Each time I go out there, it takes something out of me
I predict casual dismissal, amounting to abuse. It happens so frequently.
It gets harder to remember my motivation for the fight
Harder to drag my rhetoric out into flight
All this neglect is killing me
The pursuit of justice and dignity
Takes a lot of effort to keep alive
I fall into bed exhausted at night
But at least I'm sleeping through the night

My dedication isn't what it used to be
My previous successes no longer startle into motivation
I'm searching for a new direction
Setting sail without destination
But I feel that aimlessness has established itself
As the new status quo
And I hate it, but I can't bring myself
To identify a place to go

You see, they kept me too long,
I pretended to buy into the lies -
I sang their song.

The will to thrive must be displaced
I can't abide without a bracing
Against the sweetness of revival
Mine is but an uneasy survival

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