Wednesday, 1 December 2010

24 hours from now...

I should be in Kuala Lumpur. Despite my parents' best efforts to dim my enthusiasm for exploring the capital of the most prosperous South-East Asian nation, I look forward to sampling the historical, cultural, social and culinary delights.

Whilst researching Malaysia I discovered that there is a very brave woman there who is helping people become more open to GLBTI folks in her country. Her name is Gabrielle Chong Yong Wei, and you can read her prize-winning speech on gay rights here. It features emotive and clever phraseology, such as:

When one man is not free, all are bound.

And when the gay community triumphs, our triumph too, shall be [humanity's] triumph.

Apart from a 2-day stint in Istanbul, I haven't had much experience with majority Muslim societies, so I look forward to learning more about the world, near and far, through my 7-day examination of KL culture. I hope that I will feel more confident visiting Bali, someday, as a result (even though it's Hindu, it's informed by Muslim Indonesia).

I have developed a rather unpleasant eye twitch, and so I'm thinking about seeing a traditional Chinese medicine person for help with this minor but aggravating affliction. It should help that I'm staying in Chinatown... ;o) 

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