Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Memories of the Future

It's nothing extraordinary
The mere touch of my hand
Blinding and arbitrary
Left for myself to fend

A deep-seated loneliness
Only emerges
Around the times I
Think of you
In my temple of non-connectedness I grew
But everything new has become old again
Everything sudden proves premeditated
Or so says my nightmare logic
Why can't you just let me be
Let me marinate in my own headspace for a while
So many places to sink in, so many people to be
I watch the evolution of distant companionship
Be outclassed by the formation
Of intimate relationships
And I am left to (g)listen,
Here in my (g)local
Left to imagine
Everything I could long for
You're impassioned and I'm frail?
I could save you if I knew how to find you
Climbing up walls designed to toss off humankind
Until I find what I seek
And find you melting into my arms
Sunlight pooling on your cheek

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