Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Velvety Design

Springing forth like an oblique reference
So refreshing in the absence it evokes
Playing, posturing, we venture back and forth
Contentment milling around my shoulders

A new labyrinth to affect disinterest in

Whither you knew me matters not, it seems
I'm exactly where I need to be, and you're delicious
An endless supply of appetisers, sometimes turned mains
Say you celebrate me as I do you, we'll never be the same again

A wayward blond still feebly haunts my heart
He never knew me or suspected how I loved
How much indifference accrued, until it faded
How much caution was carelessly evaded

But it's alright and it's okay
I need a little heartbreak now and then
In the absence of immersive interaction
I smile through the longing, appreciate the pain

Everything and nothing
I could attach both these qualities to you
But now there is the residue - of something -
With which I'm not sure what to do

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