Friday, 11 June 2010

Anglo-English Cultural Dominance

The English language has the highest number of words, and is widely considered to be the 'richest' one currently in circulation. I feel like, having done my education in English, and engaging with English every day, it's my responsibility to learn another language and immerse itself in the cultures it opens up to me. It would appear that a great place to learn some Spanish is Argentina, which looks outward to Spain and the rest of Europe. I am told Buenos Aires has a high concentration of bookshops, although I believe I would be more comfortable in the nearby city of Rosario. It's apparently a miniature version of BA, with a smaller but still lively cultural and arts scene. I know I'd like to spend some time there, but finding the money to move to Argentina for a while is very difficult, especially when Asia beckons like a hazy dream immediately over the ocean, a much lower price-tag away.

I barely knew anything about Spanish history until my trip to Barcelona ignited a new and unexpected interest in the matter. The pleasures of history are many, when approached the right way. I'd love to immerse myself in the Spanish-speaking word, for an adventure in Argentina is necessarily an introduction to Spain.

I can't go on waiting for the interesting aspects (people) of Latin America start knocking on my door, I'd like to seek them out myself. Europe, Australia, America and even Asia - these places are starting to feel very familiar. I want to walk around in Argentinian sunshine, run my hands over its buildings (where they aren't too dirty), inspect the patterns on the sidewalk. I want to breathe it.

Maybe when I become fluent in the language I can appreciate the richness of another language, the drama, the passion, the poetry. I can create my own version of Spanish which has more layers and possibilities than that of anyone else.

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