Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Locating Serenity

I have never looked forward to a trip so much; my favourite places in the world, I've discovered by accident (San Francisco though living in Stanford, Barcelona due to going along with my parents' vacation plans, Shanghai through following a friend to her home town, Tokyo by way of a stop-over, Sydney due to having lived here for ages) - and now I'm sure to discover a place (or a few) that makes my favourites list.

This overwhelming anticipation is in stark contrast with my last trip to Thailand. I was looking forward to clearing my head, but I also felt like I would be losing something - a higher level of mental operation that comes through being linguistically stimulated.

I just read that Seoul, Berlin and Stockholm are considered by Richard Florida to be some of the most innovative cities in the world - along with Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, Taipei, Osaka, Paris, Helsinki, Austin, Boston and Seattle. Tokyo, New York City and San Francisco scored even higher than these.

So, I am behind on everything... I have forgotten all about maintaining my newest contacts from faraway places; I have stopped actively networking intently; I am looking inward now.

My friend Anne Marie asked me to never stop being myself, because if I do then I am more likely to attract the kind of people I need in my life.

Right now I am reaching a stage where I no longer desire approval, yet it has been deeply ingrained in me to seek approval for my well-being. Just a smidge of the subservient about my manner. I battle with myself every day. Sometimes I feel alert without being intuitively wise.

I sometimes forget that I am solely responsible for 'the world' I see.

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