Monday, 11 October 2010

Criticisms of Scandinavian Culture

An exchange in Denmark:

A: Hello! You must be back from London?
B: Yes, and how are you?
A: I'm planning to buy some alcohol and get drunk.
B: That's you!

I was basically blown away by the matter-of-fact tone with which these words were exchanged (especially the last two sentences). I am yet to utter one sentence in my life with such a blunt, minimalistic tone. It made me feel both somewhat uncomfortable and immediately introduced to (whatever) the core of things (that the two felt comfortable representing to the world) appeared to be.


I care a lot about my Swedish friend (let's call him Tom), but I found it hard to approve of his tendency to see me getting out my camera as a sign that he should do the same thing, and point it in the same direction. It had a kind of yes-man quality which seemed contradictory to the rest of his personality as a postmodern-minded intellectual. I guess it goes to show that Swedes tend to conform socially?

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