Sunday, 16 January 2011

Face-first into the "Foreign"

Wish I could take you with me
Wish I could show you the world
That you could see for yourself
How your vision changes
As you counter another palette
Of verbal and non-verbal vignettes

A new emotional climate
A new dominant discourse
A new summit, and you dare to climb it
But what is conditional, and what is 'of course'?

Your mind is tickled from an unexpected angle
You reel back before you can charge forth
Which values to hold to,
And which to dangle
Out the window?
...In the perfect mood for growth

Find yourself depending
On the light in the eyes of the next
To catapult you into a new endeavour
See you realise your personal best

This is where you've been heading
This heightened sense of self-examination
And as you sink your head into the seating
Your smile is stuck, and angst receding

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