Monday, 17 January 2011

Fluffy Handcuffs

I can't think of any introduction to make to you now
You should know by now that I am always ending
By the time I'm in the middle of articulating my impressions
They've already changed, with an onslaught of others pending
And yet you continue to cling to me with the giddy intensity
Of someone unaware they're missing the mark
You obstruct my sense of equilibrium tonight,
And I recoil from this invasion of dullness

Every time I'm with you I lose some creativity
Forced to cater to your paradigm of objectivity
Even though it negates my productivity
I have no choice but to accept the transaction

I daydream of retaliation
But I'm too meek to articulate my resistance

I gloomily readjust my back
To its former and upright position
And as I fashion myself out of submission
My mind lingers on you til the memory fades
And I'm left once more to entertain myself
In these oppressively quiet days

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