Sunday, 7 March 2010

This is what I wrote to Rob Brezsny just now:

I love you. =)

I'm greedily altruistic, carefully reckless, flamboyantly spartan. I take part in jovial grief, moody consistence, recurring transience, quirky reverence. I love you with guarded abandon, fierce tenderness and silken grit. May you always/never change. :o)

What prompted this message? His Facebook status:

Divine subversion. Taboo justice. Unauthorized healing. Reverent insurgency. Guerrilla splendor. Ethical mischief. Sacred transgression. Freaky purity. Rebellious kindness. Friendly shocks. Sublime convulsion. Outlaw sacraments. Insurrectionary beauty. Illegal truth. Anything else I haven't mentioned?

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